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So easy to transform a simple smoothie to a powerful mineral nutrient rich drink.

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Within two weeks you can sever your past eating habits

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Easy level is only level when preparing super amazing meals


Sonya's Review


1 Feb - 2 Feb 2020

Risteard  is the most beautiful person you could ever meet. Extremely kind and  caring towards his guests. Risteard is an amazing chef and thought me  this morning to make healthy fabulous brown bread. I feel so blessed to  meet a new friend and also found the most relaxed welcoming loving place  to stay in Wicklow. Thanks Risteard 

Thank you so much ❤️


Tina's Review

17 Aug - 23 Aug 2019 Risteard  has a genuine interest in health and positive living.  His home is not  perfect but then life isn't either!  I loved the food and the dinner  table conversations,  the smell of lavender on my pillow and the  relaxing music as I drifted off to sleep!  Staying in Risteard's home  was a unique ad interesting experience.  He lives and works from an  authentic heart.  

Lisa's Review


4 Jan - 19 Jan 2020

 came from Germany and stayed at Risteards for two weeks. In those two  weeks I learned more about good Energy and a healthy Food Circle, than I  did in the last 3 years, working in a hotel in my Hometown. He gave me  great Tips and helped me to create my own little business on Udemy.com,  all within  a couple of days.   The way Risteard looks at Life and how he enjoys it to the fullest in  the simplest way, we all could learn a lot from him. I'm very grateful  for the experience I earned and I'm proud to call this genius my Mentor. His hospitality is on another level, and his dog Trigger will welcome  everyone who takes a little Time out of their day to pet him. 

Ivan's Review

30 Jan - 2 Feb 2020

Top  stuff! Great place to hang about, learn about cooking, natural health  & music. Risteard cooks for you as well if you fancy staying in  instead of eating out, and Trigger (the doggie) makes you feel very  welcome as well!  Highly recommended for a few nights break

Blaines Review 

6 Jan - 7 Jan 2020

So  me and my Gifirend from Korea arrived here just for a nights rest , but  Risteard place took us by surprise. He is a fantastic host, above and  beyond not because he has to, that's just the way he is down to earth  outstanding person. He is a chef so we decided to take the cooking class  the next day as we had time. Money well spent an outstanding  experience. Learned so much. It's what learing in school should have  being like. Highly recommend this place if you are travelling around. ArnBnB

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