NEW! Guaranteed Job at Course End or Your Money Back

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Change the way you cook, eat and live

This LIVE ! First of it’s kind online instructional cooking and nutrition course, mentored by leading chef educators and Homeopath  professionals, medical professionals, who will empower students through their change to a more health conscious living. Instant support groups. Completing the course provides individuals with the tools, resources and culinary confidence to take control of their life through food and cooking, with the Job Contract Guaranteed or Your Money Back, simple as that.

12-month course  | Begin 22nd October

Personalized instructor support and grading on a week to week, month to month basis
Your own profile website for displaying your skills and talents to knew propect employers.
Certificate of Completion upon graduating

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Are you dedicated to real wholefoods ?

Love working and eating real wholesome foods ?

Want to learn only the truth about your food ?

Want food that supports peoples systems better ?

And dont like eating junk foods ?


We are looking for you right now, a decision maker who simply whats to learn the right way whats good and not good to server people and why ?

This amazing LIVE wholefoods Course (first of its kind in the world)  that provides a guaranteed job opportunity at course end or your money back ?  Learn to Create Simple, Easy, Fun and Enjoyable Meals that support peoples well-being.

…and even your friends and family will love you for!

Learn Earn Academy (L.E.A. 001 beta) Wholefoods Professional Chef

This “at-home” do exactly what they say on the tin course is designed for both the “real foods professionals” AND the ‘health conscious committed individuals” who would like to kill two birds with the one stone, as such. Not just learn to cook amazing food, but also get to understand how certain foods effect our bodies systems. Designed to make it easy to bring amazing and irresistible cooked & raw food into your life, that provides, better energy, better weight management and nicer sleeps.

Master a huge range of agitated cooking & raw techniques , and ideas.

Have people begging you to cook at there place

Course Objectives

When you complete this course you’ll be a more confident person around the kitchen guaranteed!

1. Show you simple knife handling skills

2. The basic principles of home food kitchen safety, this lecture is very simple, there’s no need for complicating your life with over padded course content, so I believe you have the basic education, understanding of life, which is cleanliness.

3. The essential tools and equipment you might need,, as you will discover with Richard Jr. Style of no-nonsense cooking.

4. Learn the difference between  real foods, novel foods, cooked foods and raw foods.  A simple introduction to the molecular nutritional side to real foods and why they should be consumed more often.

5. Recipe ideas with plant-based ingredients that promote healing, curing and re balancing of various internal systems or issues in your own body

6. The principles of batch cooking and why you need think ahead and stay ahead

7. The principles of flavor balancing, building, layering and seasoning with herbs, spices and salts

8. Prepare plant-based staple recipes for breakfast, which charge your day ahead, not rob you of your energy before you leave the house

9. Prepare plant-based staple recipes for lunch, which continue to charge your day ahead, not rob you of your energy, that you need

10. Prepare plant-based staple recipes for dinner, which will charge your night ahead with all you need for rejuvenating healing while you sleep, and when you wake up in the mornings, its with a bounce and put drive into your day ahead.

11. Why plant based foods is the only foods your body desires and craves, all the resources gathered together in one place for easy reference, when something is not right with your body, it will tell you what to do intuitively,  and how you learn to listen, the holistic side.

12. Sauces, dressings, marinades, that compliment your day to day well-being, rich with minerals.

13. The herb and spice wheel, learn a variety of simple herb and spices that promote healing in your body.

14. Cuisines and foods from around the world that have great mineral structures. We hunt down the top super foods, make some simple, easy and fun recipes.

15. Practice cooking for specific dietary restrictions, special diets and wellness foods.

16. Soups simple easy and fun, agitated cooking the future of optimum health

17. Desserts, cookies and cakes anybody can do, and great to do with the kids.

18. Save best to last, yes as we said above we say below here now, We Guarantee a Job opportunity at course end or your money backImage result for wow amazed looking people

€3,000  Term- 12 Months Starts 22nd Oct 2018  ENROLL NOW for the Launch of LEA-001 Wholefoods Chef

Register for the upcoming FREE ! COOKINAR – WEBINARS  HERE

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