NEW ! The Apprentice – Organic Shop Manager Course

With a guaranteed Job Placement at course end!

Management and administration of all Organic shop systems

Module Delivered in 12 months Accommodation & Food Included


Teaching and Learning Strategy:

Teaching and learning will be in a LIVE real time actual working organic shop, lectures, E Learning modules, case studies, and on site discussions and collaboration on new product launches, it will be fun. People with extensive knowledge of the retail industry you will meet and learn from, guest lectures for this module to enhance the theory with real life experience as the actual real “vanguard education model” of the future, ie Learn Earn Academy “the original one”. We have literally taking the old educational business model of main stream education and flipped it upside down, with emphasis firstly on securing students well-being first, not just your invest but your education, that its based of “REAL LIVE” experience, which has been proven to not only accelerate learning, and inspire creativity, who doesn’t want that now!

The Environment:      

Learning will take place in the shop that promotes active learning through real LIVE examples on a day to day basis, reflection on topical issues, and discussion of relevant case studies and legislation will all be topics we will encounter along the way. Learners will have access to a vast resources network, both physical and electronic, and facilities with partners outside of the shop as required. the L.E.A.  virtual learning environment alongside real LIVE on site experience creates dynamic results for students and gives them ”the edge”

Module Description:  

The aim of this module is to provide students with a better deal first off , by providing all the necessary key elements which affect and influence the interaction between consumers. When successfully formulating and managing retail operations, its best to do within a co-creating environment, for maximum R.O.I . This LIVE module deals with the practical day to day issues, problems involved in running an Organic Retail Shop, from the basics of retail design and merchandising. The Apprentice store manager role and team leader to the contact between floor staff and a potential new customer. Both strategic and tactical issues will be introduced with respect to the relationship between retailers and their existing and potential customers and the implementation of technology to acquire the leading edge.

ABOUT Module Coordinator: 

Executive Wholefoods Chef, Independent Food Researcher,  “the mineral chef” & Mentor Richard Jr house of Corrigan. With over 30 years’ experience within the hospitality industry, from kitchen café, bar restaurant owner. Worked with over 22 different cultures of people and many friends from around the world, worked in over 77 different kitchens, an abundance of knowledge to share from any students perspective, your getting the “raw uncut version” life itself.

7 Learning Outcomes

you will be able to:

Prove an understanding of how the diverse foundations of retail marketing mix contribute towards an exchange between consumers, the retailer whilst ensuring retailer’s productivity, efficiency and profitability are always intact

Differentiate the principles, the practice of selling and an understanding of the importance of maximizing the return on a customer interaction, with the introduction to online sales and affiliations.

Review the key issues associated product ranges, the effectiveness of them and control and management of stock

Assessment of the principles of retail design / merchandising. Describe the importance of a merchandise budget and how to prepare a 12 month merchandise plan around the social media calender.

Plan develop and monitor KPI’s for a retail environment and collaborate on new ideas of interest.

Review how retailers can use technology within their operational environments; with joint ventures, with employees that the company has affiliated with and employees can earn pro-rat commissions.

Evaluate the scale of retail crime with those who know best about it, hire consultants, the measures deployed to ensure retail security from those with the knowledge to do so.


Full Time- The Apprentice Organic Shop Manager Course

Accommodation and Food Included  €20,000, Term 12 Months

House sharing within walking distance to the shop, minimum 2 people per room

Work placement —  3 month Full time Job at mid term and gets better……

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100 % Money Back Guarantee

if your not happy with your course end Job Opportunity  or

if you are happy we will invest €5,000 in YOU

as a Franchise Owner to help grow our brand and Your Business 

Lecture 20/25 hours to theory, research studies

20/25 hours to practical application in

LIVE environment Every Week


     At discretion of Student most desired needs, chat with team and be practical

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