The importance of food in medicine was recognized in the 5th Century BC by Hippocrates of Cos, who is considered the father of Western medicine. … However, the phrase

“let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


The Mineral Chef: Expert Executive Organic Wholefoods Chef Richard Jr house of  Corrigan

The first boy (13) in Ireland to enter Home – Economics Cookery Classes at third level education Working within the hospitality industry as a chef for over 30 years now, self employed 20 plus years now, development chef with Alive Organic Cafe , founder of Learn Earn Academy  Mentor and Teacher. I got into teaching and mentoring in organic wholefoods, as I felt dismayed at the various anomalies that mainstream catering colleges, celebrity chefs were promoting and teaching young upcoming chefs, food techniques that absolutely destroy the nutritional benefits of fresh wholesome foods the molecular structure of food is so important to our very fabric of our bodies systems. Why was our mainstream education so “padded” with useless methods of cookery that clearly has no nutritional value to us human beings. ?

My Quest began to uncover the “truth about food”. Independent Food researcher 

Learn to Cook Mineral Rich, Living Plant – Based Organic

Whole-Foods the Easy, Simple and Fun Way

After the experience of my Mother asking me to end her suffering back in 1994 as she lay dying in her bed from cancer,  I reached a turning point in my life and career. How could i refuse a dying woman’s last wishes  especially my mother, whom I loved dearly ?  I did thank goodness refuse to end her life. My Mother over the years had asked me to help her to find alternative healing and cures as she knew I had an interest in such matters. I didn’t have the courage,  knowledge to help her then, something to think about. Since then I vowed to learn as much as I could about “real foods” not novel, so my information was as correct as can be when i share it with others.


I knew it was going to be a long journey as there was a lot to take in. It required a lot of reading and researching. I got into gastronomy to molecular structures of minerals and energy in general, especially electrolytes  Even though I was eating “good” food (fish, meat, chicken, veg and fruit), I had very little energy at times, i was frustrated and had inherited the heirloom anger genome, I always felt as if something wasn’t right within the food industry and in me, and I couldn’t shake off my curiosity, so research I did. 

I wanted to know the truth about food and felt people deserved to know I spent all my spare time reading up on best foods to combine, finding the credible places to buy ingredients and  experimenting with amazing, easy, simple and fun practical staple everyday recipes – which I like sharing with like minded people. Certified and trained as a chef , worked with over 22 different cultures of people over the years and in 77 different kitchens, i’m fortunate to have so many years experience around food and people, and I am going to tell you the truth and teach you the right ways to prepare your food

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