Wholefoods Executive Chef Risteard O Corragain

Working as a chef for over 33 years now, self employed over 25 plus years now, development chef with the “POP UP ” Alive Oranic Cafe , founder of Learn Earn Academy  Risteard after working in over 77 kitchens to date, many new openings and many re revamps, cafe ,restaurateur, to executive chef at Irelands prestigious Black Rock Clinic  Now Risteard will focus on providing hi quality relief chefs for professional venues. All our chefs will be under guaranteed satisfaction or no fee, 100% Iron Clad Guarantee, Chef will have full  uniforms, safety shoes and knives, along side copy of there HACCP certs on arrival to all kitchens. Interim Executive Chefs, Head Chefs, Relief Chefs, Niche Banqueting Chefs at competitive pricing. Call NOW! 089 6176795 to reserve your chef today.